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United Atlantic Legal Services and Transparency

There are three values that drive the work United Atlantic Legal Services does for its clients: efficiency, transparency, and tailored solutions. Today we are talking about the second of the core beliefs upon which United Atlantic Legal Services was founded: transparency.

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Transparent Legal Services

What do we mean when we say United Atlantic Legal Services provides transparent solutions for investment advisers?

In the business world, transparency is the act of being truthful, open and accountable. Transparency is essential in building strong relationships, both personally and professionally. In this blog, we’ll explore what we mean when we say United Atlantic Legal Services offers transparent services to our clients and the benefits it can bring.

It means being truthful.

First and foremost, being transparent means being truthful. It means not hiding things from others and clearly explaining the realities of the situation. Being truthful creates trust and respect between you and others. People appreciate it when others are upfront with them, and it allows for more productive relationships to develop. United Atlantic Legal Services values an authentic relationship with our clients where communications are open and direct.

It means being open.

Another aspect of transparency is being open about where projects are and what roadblocks have been encountered or are being anticipated. When you’re transparent about your work, it allows others to understand the challenges being faced better. This can help to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications. When everyone is on the same page, it can lead to more effective collaboration and teamwork. We work hard to help our clients achieve their goals, but when timeliness or actions become unrealistic, we are sure to be open about other those concerns and work to provide alternative avenues.

It means being accountable.

Transparency also means being accountable. When you make a promise or commitment, it’s essential to follow through. If something comes up that prevents you from meeting your obligations, it’s important to communicate that to others. This shows that you take responsibility for your actions and that you respect others’ time and efforts. United Atlantic Legal Services takes accountability seriously, when we say we will do something, we do.

Why do we focus on transparency?

So, what are the benefits of being transparent as a person? For starters, it can help to build stronger relationships with others. When you’re open and honest, it creates a sense of trust and respect. This, in turn, can lead to more meaningful connections with others. Additionally, being transparent can lead to personal and professional growth. When you’re open and honest, it allows you to reflect on yourself and your actions which allows us to build better working relationships.


In conclusion, to United Atlantic Legal Services, being transparent means being truthful, being open, and being accountable whether we are working with our investment adviser clients through a registration or supporting acquisition due diligence. The benefits of transparency include building stronger relationships, reducing stress and anxiety, and personal growth.

About the Author

Michael Rasmussen is the founder of United Atlantic Legal Services. He is a licensed attorney in Florida and registered solicitor in the United Kingdom. Michael has acted as General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer to several investment advisers, including private fund managers, responsible for the management of billions of dollars in client assets.  

Michael is also the founder of FinProLaw, an online learning platform where Michael has created courses designed for investment adviser compliance professionals. These courses include: 

  • Investment Adviser Compliance Essential for Chief Compliance Officers 
  • Foundations of Investment Adviser Compliance 
  • What is a “Security”? 
  • Investment Adviser Marketing Rule 
  • Regulation A – Exemption from Registration 
  • Regulation Crowdfunding – Exemption from Registration 
  • Regulation D – Exemption from Registration 

Michael can also be found on LinkedIn.

Investment adviser firms who are also clients of United Atlantic Legal Services can receive many of these courses at a significantly reduced fee or, in some cases, at no expense. Contact us today or visit the FinProLaw to learn more.